August 30th 2014, Victoria Park, 12pm
The Centre Helpline - 0116 2550667
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23/07/14  Trade is COMING OUT! Trade Sexual Health moving from Wellington Street #trade #lgbt #sexualhealth #moving
09/07/14   @MrkieronR will be there for moral support obviously @leicesterpride and I'm gonna need it. #nervousbutgoodnervous
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23/07/14  Leicester Pride Ball 2014: Feat. Addict Initiative, Lea Martin, Mrs P, Ryan Joseph & Champagne Shirley, 24 Aug, £45
09/07/14  Homophobic comments and man assaulted in a Leicester takeaway - Can you help identify these men?
09/07/14  Clubber sprayed with bleach in homophobic attack may be permanently blinded

Why Donate?

Keep Leicester Pride Free!

Leicester pride is funded solely by donations, sponsorship and fund raising events.  Putting on an event of this magnitude and trying to support local LGBT organisations is expensive.  

Leicester Pride operates as a not-for-profit registered charity and utilises many volunteers to keep costs down, but we still need your support to create this event and keep it free!  

If you haven't got time volunteer or to run your own fund raising event, then one way you can help is by donating some money to us online.

What is the money used for?

Try to picture all of the things that have to come into place to make the event the success:  There's the stage, the acts, the equipment hire, the advertising, your safety (security), tidying up, insurance, fire safety, technical support (both lighting and sound), toilets, alcohol licence etc.... the list goes on and on!  

An event on this scale doesn't come cheap!  Nothing is wasted, all donations go to support Leicester Pride. None of the money goes into the pockets of the organisers, we are all unpaid volunteers.

Help us, donate now!

You can now donate by sending a text/SMS message to 70070.  Simply text:

  • PRDE22 £1        to donate £1
  • PRDE22 £2       to donate £2
  • PRDE22 £3       to donate £3
  • PRDE22 £4       to donate £4 
  • PRDE22 £5       to donate £5

  • PRDE22 £10    to donate £10 70070.  Your text will only cost the amount you choose to donate.

If your organisation would like to make a donation you might want to consider sponsorship instead.

Text PRDE22 £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10
to 70070 to donate to Leicester Pride
Donate via PayPal
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