Liam Melvin, a Leicester local and long time supporter of Leicester Pride is competing in a Wolf run event to raise money for Leicester Pride. Please help him reach his target of £2,000 by visiting his gofundme page now.

Here is what Liam had to say:

Hi Everyone

My name is Liam, most of you would of seen me around
I’m currently doing a Wolf run on the 12th June 2016, and at the same time i would like to raise money for Leicester Pride.

For years this has been a bit part of my year, not to just celebrate with friends but also family. Leicester Pride does amazing thing each and every year and only work on donations, so i want to help, by asking for your help to raise money for such a wonderful event.

I will need the funds either before or just after the event and i will be putting photos on face of the event.

For those of you that don’t know what the Wolf run is its a obstical course spanning across 10 acres of land. It’s going to be chanlenging but its for a good course.

This will mean a great deal to me as want to give to pride, like they give to me and so many of us each and every year, and the people than run are only voulenteers.

I would like to that each and everyone of you that donates. And if you want to see me in action it will be Held at Stanford Hall Lutterworth LE17 6HD on Sunday 12th June 2016 and I’ll be running from 11.20am. There is onsite entertainment too.

For more information go to

Thanks guys in advance and i hope i reach the target.